Veena's Paintbrush
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Guestbook Comments

The Indian Paintbrush - A Cornucopia of Colours and Culture:


'Well Done! Awesome Works!' - Sarah Wright


'Wonderful Creations, looking forward to the next exhibition!' - Jeeten Poonit


'Very impressed with the wide ranging style you have - I wanted the Radha-Krishna one but it sold! Good luck!' - Lakshmi Shivalanka


'Love the Bogh Gaya painting, the leaves bring out the tree and the colours really stand out! All the best!' - Naina Taisania


'A vibrant and inspiring exhibition. I learnt a lot from the descriptions. Great Work!' - Nazlin Howell


'Interesting work. Thank you' - Usha Madan


'Wonderful, very beautiful, especially divine love' - Pumma Raval


'So wonderful and inspirational' - Kuldeep Gill


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